Move to Democracy in Myanmar is Real: Obama

Congress Blocks Obama Wage Bill
  • President Barack Obama pressed the country's leader to hold inclusive elections next year and respect the rights of its persecuted Muslim minority.
  •  But despite setbacks on those fronts, Obama insisted that he remains optimistic about Myanmar's move toward democracy .
  • Obama said following a meeting with Myanmar's President Thein Sein :We recognize that change is hard and it doesn't always move in a straight line,but I am optimistic about the possibilities for Myanmar.
  • Myanmar's president said he had a candid discussion with Obama about the need for more progress
  • He insisted he was committed to that,but he said that on some aspects of the political and economic reforms his country has outlined, more time will be needed.
  • Obama has made democratization in Myanmar a central part of his policy in Asia.
  •  After the country's unexpected shift away from a half-century of military rule, the US rewarded its promises of reforms with suspended sanctions and a flurry of visits from highlevel officials.