More Eyes In The Sky, Fewer Boots On The Ground For Obama visit

Obama will urge Modi to join fight on IS, Ebola
  • Security arrangements for U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit here revolve around ensuring that his whereabouts and movements draw the least attention.
  • The hotels being booked are within a yet-to-be-specified radius in the New Delhi area with adjacent areas having already been sanitised by Indian and U.S. intelligence agencies.
  • An intelligence official told: The latest communication shared with us by the government stated that his precise schedule will become available latest by 20th January as U.S. authorities are currently busy with his annual State of the Union Address.
  • Another source says that while emphasis is on ensuring that Mr. Obama’s contingent “is mostly on the move at odd hours,” this will take place on an exclusive emergency corridor within the security grid, which has been under surveillance, both electronically and physically.
  • Central intelligence agencies are watching out for seven Jamat-Ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh terrorists tasked with executing a terror bid here.
  • The group, has been on their radar since mid-December on an input from their counterparts in Bangladesh that the group had travelled from Dhaka to Syria to participate in a month-long daura-e-aam or basic military training course organised by the Islamic State.
  • The  intelligence official : Its members slipped off the radar after having landed in Dhaka and might try to slip into the country via Kolkata