Mizoram Back Out in Sending Back the Bru Refugees to their Place

Mizos Protest Voting Rights for Brus. www.ambitionias.com
  • Mizoram back out in sending back the Bru Refugees to their place
  • Bru refugees who are residing at Tripuram camps had to be sent back but now seems to be an incomplete task
  • Mizoram Government had accepted in an agreement that they will send them back within three months
  • If the Bru refugees did not return then their names from the Mizoram voters list was to be deleted permanently
  • Mizoram officials now say that it would be difficult to send them back because of logistic and costing issues
  • Sending the bru refugees back will have to cater to the needs like the availability of land, free ration for a year and financial needs etc which has to be worked out
  • Bru leaders claim that there are more than 30000 people in the cams

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