Medvedev Says Crimea’s Growth is Russia’s National Priority

93% Crimeans Favour Joining Russia

Crimea's growth a national priority : Medvedev

  • Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev along with his officials attended a cabinet meeting in Crimea to boost the region’s infrastructure and economy, promising to make this a national priority.
  • Promises have also been made to quickly raise salaries and pensions for the people of Crimea and to increase funding education, health care and employment sector.
  • A special government Ministry has been set up to look after this special economic zone with reduced taxes and bureaucracy to lure prospective investors. Air fares are also to be subsidized to improve local tourism.
  • Residents of Crimea to get a deferral from the draft for one year and for several years after that would be allowed to serve on the peninsula.

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