Maharashtra Forms Board for Transgender Welfare

State of Transgenders in India
  • After Tamil Nadu now it is Maharashtra state who has announced formation of welfare board for transgender people
  • National policy is yet to be formed but Maharashtra state has studied the case in detail on the community and announced the welfare scheme suggested by the Supreme Government
  • As per the Social Justice Department all the states are supposed to submit the comments on finalising the modalities for setting up the welfare Boards
  • Since transgender people face a lot of discrimination and they remained nobody‚Äôs priority for which the states have to register them from district level
  • To enjoy Human rights third gender recognition is important as said by the Supreme Court, 26 recommendations made by the committee include umbrella scheme and a national policy on transgender people
  • State level should clarify if a person is a transgender and make the changes in the Birth Certificate after 18 years
  • Trauma center should be set up for rape cases for transgender and this is a section that is added to the Indian Penal Code to deal with such situations
  • Sexual harassment in workplace towards transgender should be specified as well
  • Union ministries and the State government will share their views during inter-ministerial committee meet to ensure time-bound action plans and execution