KPSC Prelims 2015 Answer Keys



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Answers re-verified:

Paper 1:

Question 59: In terms of percentage of the cumulative FDI equity inflows during the period from April 2000 to March 2014, what is the share of FDI in the Indian Service Sector?

Ans: (b) 54 percent (submitted by Basavraj)


Paper 2:

Question 26: While travelling on Highway, if the kiometre stone is marked (painted) with white and semicircular top portion of km stone is marked with brilliant green color, then this highway must be:

Ans: (a) State Highway (submitted by Santhosh)

Question 39: Regarding Bala Sanjivini programme, it's mainly targetted at malnourished children and the word malnourished is not mentioned.

So answer could be (d) None of the above. (submitted by Santhosh)

Question 50: If the earth is at one fourth of it's present distance from the sun, the duration of the year will be

Ans: (b) one-eigth of the present year. (submitted by Dr.Rahul)

Question 52: In our homes, a tester glows when it touches the live terminal of AC mains but does not glow when it touches neutral terminal. The reason is:

Ans: (c) the neutral terminal is at the same voltage as the ground. (submitted by Aniruddha Poonia)

Question 54: The reason to keep us awake and sometimes sleepy even when we are not tired, is due to a hormone called

Ans: (d) Serotonin (submitted by Dr.Rahul)

Question 65: A husband and wife have normal vision but father of both of them were colour-blind. Probability of their first daughter to be colour-blind is:

Ans: (d) 0% (submitted by Dr.Rahul)