Jihadis Tortured Child Hostages: Rights Body

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  • ISIS militants in Syria forced children as young as 14 to watch videos of beheadings and beat them with cables during six months of captivity.
  • The Sunni Muslim militants abducted a group of children on May 29 as they returned to the Syrian town of Kobani after taking school exams.
  • It freed the final 25 hostages on October 29.
  • ISIS has captured swathes of Iraq and Syria, declaring an Islamic caliphate that erases borders between the two.
  • Its fighters have killed or driven away Shia Muslims, Christians and other communities who do not share their ultraradical brand of Sunni Islam.
  • Kobani has been besieged by ISIS for over a month.
  • The abuse of more than 150 children, some held as long as six months, amounted to war crimes citing testimony from interviews with four boys among the group.
  • The children described being forced to pray five times a day and undergoing intense religious instruction, as well as being forced to watch videos of ISIS in combat and beheading captives,the group said.
  • Those who didn't conform to the programme were beaten. They beat us with a green hose or a thick cable with wire running through it, it quoted one boy as saying.
  • The ISIS jihadist group has released at least 93 Syrian Kurds from the flashpoint town of Kobani who were kidnapped in February.
  • They were among more than 160 Kurds abducted as they travelled east through Syria en route for Iraqi Kurdistan