Internet Boom In India

Governing The Internet
  • According to a study by Ericcson indicating statistics by the end of 2020:
    • Number of mobile subscribers in India is likely to rise from the current 795 million to around 1145 million.
    • Smartphone penetration will grow from current 90 million devices to 520 million devices.
    • Mobile broadband users to grow to 500 million.
    • 400 million 3G users and 100 million 4G users.
  • Social media, web browsing and chatting have contributed to the growth of mobile internet along with video consumption. Challenges lie in accessibility of high quality content.
  • Stronger user base, high-speed broad band connectivity will induce a change in the lifestyle of people, and access to high quality content will proliferate to an ‘all-time’ usage from the current ‘real-time’
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Exams Perspective:

  1. Broadband Penetration in India
  2. Mobile phone density in India
  3. USOF (Universal Service Obligation Fund)
  4. Social Media
  5. Internet users in India