Indo-US Business Summit

Discussion on India's Investment in USA's Upstream Oil & Gas Sector
  • US President announced $4billion in loans from US banks, $2 billion in financing renewable energy projects in India and $1billion from Exim bank US for project financing.
  • US Executive to help Indian techies in obtaining H1B visas.
  • Inturn Modi assures US investors a transparent and predictable investment atmosphere, protection of intellectual property rights and a commitment that he would personally monitor progress of the projects.
  • Bilateral trade between 2 countries increased by 60% in past 2 years to a record of $100 billion but India’s export to US was lagging.
  • “Indians must have the purchasing power to buy the world’s products and so far imports in India to grow there must be an increase in the incomes of Indians” Says PM.
  • Inorder to increase the purchasing power Modi assured to raise the competitiveness of Indian production through skill,scale and speed.
  • Mr Obama focuses on win-win proposition by offering Made in America airplanes, turbines and machines as this could increase employment levels in both the countries.

Exams Perspective:

  1. What is H1B Visa?
  2. What is purchasing power?