Indian Central Universities Fare Badly In Asian Rankings

Indian Central Universities Fare Badly In Asian Rankings
  • Central Universities, despite having the best funds, access to resources, teachers and infrastructure fall infinitely short on an international scale. This is evident in the recent QS Asian Rankings in which coveted Delhi University stood at rank 80.
  • On the contrary, many private universities have made to the list and are more forthcoming and efficient in providing information. Emails sent to private universities are promptly responded to, while those sent to central universities are likely to bounce back or go unanswered.
  • President Pranab Mukherjee has directed the central universities to work towards enhancing their rankings in an era where globalization underscores the importance of a high international rank.
  • Even the nomenclature of these institutes create confusion as was seen in the data submitted by IITs and IIITs. Even the late submission of information by many institutions led to them losing out on the top ranks.
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