India to US: Tech Firms Violating Copyright Law

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  • US has blamed lax policing in countries such as India for a boost to piracy .
  • But India has finally managed to get Washington to acknowledge piracy in its backyard after it submitted a list of over 600 websites, including Google, Amazon, Orkut and Flixter, accusing them of violating the copyright law.
  • The issue finally found a mention in the joint statement issued after the completion of India-US Trade Policy Forum
  • The joint statement issued talked about cooperation of the shared interest in “creative industries“.
  • US trade representative Michael Froman said piracy issues were being faced by both Hollywood and Bollywood.
  • Froman's predecessors had been blaming India for piracy of Hollywood movies, pointing to CDs and DVDs sold at street corners, but it took a while for the US to admit that even the Indian music industry faced privacy-related problems.
  • When Indian authorities first raised the issue in 2011, the US failed to acknowledge it and said the websites were being handled in other countries, such as Russia.
  • It took some effort from the government to actually convince the US that the sites were being hosted in the US.
  • It wasn't until earlier this year that the American authorities finally acknowledged it after some heated exchanges.
  • But so far, little action has been taken as US has at times cited the transfer of an official for a delay in initiating the process.
  • The recognition of the problem is limited to the music industry, which has been waging a battle against piracy.
  • Although the film industry has spoken about the issue, it has failed to raise the pitch the way the music industry has done.
  • Most of the sites listed by Indian authorities for alleged violation of copyright laws are related to the music industry.