India is now the World’s Slave Capital

  • With over 14.2 million in India being involved in forced labour and being victims of trafficking -for sexual exploitation and forced marriage, the country is home to the largest number of people trapped in modern slavery .
  • The Global Slavery Index 2014 announced on Monday that India and Pakistan alone account for over 45% of total global enslaved population and have highest prevalence of modern slavery in Asia.
  • Particularly in countries such as India and Pakistan, nationals -often including entire families -are enslaved through bonded labour in construction, agriculture, brick making, garment factories and manufacturing.
  • The report this year found 23% more people across the world are involved in mod ern slavery than previous estimated.
  • Modern slavery exists in all 167 countries with five countries accounting for 61% of the world's population living in modern slavery.
  • The 2014 Global Slavery Index has been published by the Walk Free Foundation, a global human rights organization with a mission to end modern slavery in a generation.
  • The report looks at prevalence  as well as the total number of people living in modern slavery in each country.
  • It estimates that over 23.5 million people in Asia are living in modern slavery .
  • This is equivalent to almost two-thirds of the global total number of people enslaved.
  • Of these, over 14.2 million are in India and over 2.05 million are in Pakistan.
  • It demonstrates the highest prevalence of modern slavery in Asia (1.141% and 1.13% of their populations respectively).