India can be a Beacon to the World: Bhagwat

Wedded to Democracy
  • Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat said : The world is turning to India for a new path of peaceful co-existence in these difficult times and we have a responsibility to guide the world.
  • Mr. Bhagwat said in his address to thousands of RSS workers on the concluding day of the organisation’s three-day conclave: Due to the decline of religions, the world is facing a crisis- Everything from theism to atheism and science has been tried. But the problems remain. Thinkers worldwide are saying that a new path is needed. They are turning to India,”
  • This country, with its non-imperialist past and steeped in tradition, can give a lesson in peace and happiness to the world.
  • He opined: History has shown us that when India was a world leader, there was peace and progress. There was no harm to the environment or the social fabric of society. We have to build that Bharat again and the responsibility lies with the Hindu ‘samaj’[society].
  • The fate of the nation was linked to the fate of the Hindu society and religion.
  • He added:  It is our responsibility to mobilise the Hindu society, to strengthen our tradition and inspire people to serve the country.