India begins Evacuating Citizens

INS Sumitra To Be Commissioned
  • Naval Ship INS Sumitra which was diverted from anti-piracy duty in the Gulf of Aden and anchored just off the Yemen coast has entered Aden to assist the evacuation operation that has been officially named “Operation Raahat”.
  • There has been increased urgency for evacuation with mounting fears of a ground invasion by Saudi-led forces into Yemen to fight back the Houthi rebels in control.
  • Two more ships, the destroyer INS Mumbai and the frigate INS Tarkash have set sail from India.
  • The problem is road travel is curtailed because they are fighting,” .
  • The other problem was that the Saudi forces were not extending bigger air-flight windows to allow the evacuation flights to operate from Sana’a.
  • Officials say the Op. Raahat plan is to deploy all naval ships and four aircraft, including two IAF C-17 Globe-masters and two Air India flights stationed in Muscat all together to launch a “composite” evacuation effort.
  • in addition to the approximately 4,000 Indian laborers, businessmen and nurses registered with the Indian embassy, there are “at least 5,000” illegal workers as well, who need to be evacuated.