Healthy Waist Circumferences For Children

  • Recent studies conducted have developed age and gender specific references for waist circumference for Indian children which can be used to screen them for Metabolic Syndrome.
  • Suggested values of waist circumference in each group and gender is as given below:
    • Age group 2-5yrs ≤ 20.59 inches
    • Age group 6-9 yrs:
      • Boys - 24.96 inches
      • Girls – 25.0 inches
    • Age group 10-14 yrs:
      • Boys – 30.55 inches
      • Girls – ≤ 30.51 inches
    • Age group 15-17 yrs:
      • Boys – less than 34.05 inches
      • Girls – 33.50 inches
  • Increasing obesity, especially abdominal obesity in children has led to rising occurrences of Metabolic Syndrome, which is characterised by the presence of high triglyceride levels in blood, Low HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), increased fasting blood glucose levels, high systolic blood pressure and high waist circumference, and increased risk for hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.
  • Increasing occurrences of these diseases, which are normally expected to be seen in adults, indicates the growing necessity for a change in lifestyle and increase children’s activities in outdoor sports and other physical activities, while also urging them to cut down on junk and oily food.
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