Has Russia been Flying a Satellite Killer in Space?

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  • A mysterious Russian object is being tracked by space agencies, giving new life to fears about the increase of space weapons.
  • The satellite, dubbed Object 2014-28E, has grabbed the interest of official and amateur satellite-watchers ,because it is taking a confusing path and its purpose has not been identified.
  • The satellite which this morning was over the South Pacific Ocean, somewhere between Australasia and South America
  • Amateur satellite-trackers have been doing just that and have been watching the path of the satellite.
  • Some think that it could be collecting space junk, helping to clean up the useless satellites that are floating around space.
  • Or it could be providing fuel or repairs to other satellites,but others fear that the satellite could be used to destroy enemy ones.
  • Patricia Lewis, research director at thinktank Chatham House and an expert in space security , said:Whatever it is, it looks experimental.
  • The rocket was launched in May, on a rocket that carried three other packages, but the launch of the mysterious satellite was not declared.
  • It was initially thought to be debris.