Govt. Targets Climate Groups

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  • After taking action against the international environment group Greenpeace, the government has clamped down on four American NGOs working in the same field
    • Avaaz
    • Bank Information Centre (BIC)
    • Sierra Club and
  • Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has directed the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to stop all foreign funding into the accounts of these NGOs or their representatives without MHA clearance.
  • A letter issued by the Director of the Monitoring unit for NGOs said it had been decided to keep a watch on all the activities funded by U.S.-based donor agencies
  • The order could create a controversy ahead of U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to India this month
  • In 2013, after India took similar action against anti-nuclear groups in Kudankulam, the U.S. State Department had denied it was linked to the NGOs.
  • But US said such groups “are among the essential building blocks of any healthy democracy.”
  • Later, the funding for Greenpeace was also frozen.
  • As a result of the latest MHA order, every fund transfer from abroad for their activists in India will be held back pending clearance.
  • According to RBI records, the international NGOs were not registered with the government neither had their employees in India applied for FCRA clearance.
  • The MHA is also going to inquire into all remittances into India from these groups since January 2013.
  • Last year also saw the leak of an IB report titled “Concerted efforts by select foreign-funded NGOs to take down Indian development projects.”
  • The IB report contended that several foreign-funded environmental NGOs were targeting development projects across the country.
  • Apart from Greenpeace, Sierra Club and were mentioned in Annexure B of the IB report in a graph.