GM Crops Need To Be Given A Chance

Activists Oppose Open-Air Field Trials Of GM Crops
  • Instead of blindly opposing Genetically Modified (GM) crops, work must happen concurrently on developing GM crops, their trials and strengthening approval protocols as GM crops are now found to be resistant to increasing climate changes and have higher productivity.
  • In Bt Brinjal, the gap created was premature approval despite insufficient trials and data. This should be avoided by having in place clear protocols concerning the roles of the government and the intermediates.
  • Awareness about the importance and methods of growing such modified crops and foods should be spread among farmers.
  • Areas where quick action is necessary for boosting agriculture:
    • Use of technology
    • Better policy framework in trade and marketing
    • Enable infrastructure
    • Introduce social-subsidy related policies.
  • Use of precision farming along with farmers’ shift towards non-farm work will result in better utilisation of resources and lead to inflection point of mechanisations.
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Exams Perspective:

  1. What are genetically modified crops?
  2. What is genetic engineering?
  3. What is Bt brinjal?
  4. What is precision farming?
  5. What is inflection point?