Giant Leap for a Big Cat

Future Of Tiger Rests On Gene Flow
  • "Status of Tigers in India,2014” says 70% of the world’s tiger population is in India.
  • Western Ghats region shows highest increase since 2006 (6% per annum).
  • World’s tiger population decreased since 2006 losing about 97% in 13 countries since half a century.
  • Madumalai­Waynad­Nagarhole­Bandipur to house world’s single largest tiger population.
  • Increase in forest land payed primary protection to tigers and their preys from poaching. Leading to increase in population of these wild cats.
  • National Tiger conservation Authority award given to Periyar Tiger reserve for encouraging the 75 local community to participate in preserving the reserve.
  • The latest round of assessment used state­of­the art technology of double sampling, using camera traps to estimate the assessment and distribution of tigers.

Exams Perspective:

  1. What is National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA)