GeneXpert Is Not 100% Accurate

GeneXpert Is Not 100% Accurate
  • Studies conducted by doctors at AIIMS have revealed that, GeneXpert or Xpert MTB/RIF or CBN tests which are being used to detect multi-drug resistant tuberculosis has given erroneous results in approximately 35% of the samples used.
  • This is because the Indian strains of the bacteria have particular sequences which are not recognised by the probes GeneXpert has, therefore missing about 1/3rd of the cases for Rifampicin resistance. This may give a false impression of low Rifampicin resistance in India.
  • The technique however has yielded great results in Africa and can be generate a result with 2-3 hrs. It also indicates whether or not the ongoing first line of medicine will work for the patient.
  • The high costs involved in this technique has limited its availability to only AIIMS, but Central TB Division of Ministry of Health is installing GeneXpert in all the referral TB laboratories.
  • However, doctors feel that tests like MGIT Liquid Culture and Molecular test LPA, which have demonstrated an accuracy of 100%, could be more efficient in India.
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