Formula E isn’t Competing with F1, Stresses Chandhok

  • Formula E is a new FIA championship featuring single-seater cars powered exclusively by electric energy.
  • The 10-stop international championship aims to inspire developments in electric car technology.
  • The series was conceptualized in 2012 and the inaugural championship started in Beijing onSeptember 13 this year.
  • Formula E is not competing with F1.
  • The championship was established with the sole purpose of promoting non-combustive engines.
  • It is to promote the electric car industry and to use the series as a framework for research and development.
  • F1 is technically superior to Formula E.
  • It will be wrong to compare Formula E with F1, Indycar or Le Mans. It's totally different.
  • Formula E cars are slower than F1 cars.
  • A Formula E team can be run with under £3m per year as compared to the £200m costs associated with running an F1 team.
  • With the E cars being quieter than their Formula 1 counterparts, Chandhok felt races can be held in city centres.
  • Some cities don't allow racing in streets to prevent sound pollution,but Formule E cars do not produce any sound, which I believe will help in conducting street races.