`Foreign Hands Radicalizing Muslim Youth in Madrasas’

  • A discreet survey of the country’s madrasas by the Modi government has reportedly found that foreigners teaching there, largely Bangladeshi instructors who have managed to acquire Indian identity documents, to be a key source of indoctrination among young Indian Muslims.
  • In fact, the study, purportedly instituted by an arm of the security establishment, seeks to absolve the Indian madrasa teachers of charges of feeding anti-national or subversive agenda under the garb of religious education.
  • The report, submitted to MHA last month, has flagged the mushrooming of unregulated madrasas along Indo-Bangladesh or Indo-Nepal border in West Bengal, Assam and Terai .
  • Many of these seminaries have foreign teachers, mostly Bangladeshis who have worked with elements associated with outfits like Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh.
  • They digress from the normal religious teachings and ‘correct’ interpretation of Islam by madrasas having Indian teachers, and highlight the alleged atrocities on Indian Muslims through provocative material.
  • The aim is to exploit the feeling of alienation or discontent among young Muslims, with the larger purpose of radicalizing them to take up jihadi terror.
  • The government is contemplating a study to identify the “foreign” teachers who may be dispensing jihadi doctrine at madrasas.