First Electric Powered Airplane

First Electric Powered Airplane
  • The first electric-powered experimental aircraft called ‘E-Fan’, developed by airbus, has taken its first flight at a French airport. This could prove a key step towards greener, quieter, cheaper air travel.
  • Although its first flight, powered by 120 lithium-ion polymer batteries, lasted for less than 10 minutes it can fly for an hour before needing a recharge and will cost approximately $16, compared to the $55 in a similar petrol-powered airplane.
  • Airbus plants to manufacture 2 versions of it, with the other being a training-cum-flight aircraft powered by a hybrid system. They are also looking to construct a series version of the same, propose an industrial plan for a production facility close to Bordeaux Airport.
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Exams Perspective:

  1. E-Fan electric aircraft
  2. Alternatives to Fossil fuel
  3. Carbon Footprint
  4. Lithium-ion polymer batteries