Filing Complaint? Narrate to Camera

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  • Lodging a police complaint will be as easy as withdrawing cash from an ATM, if an initiative of Bengaluru police sees the light of day.
  • Walk into an ATM-like kiosk in the neighbourhood and narrate your complaint to the video camera installed there.
  • The complaint-receiving station will send the clip to the police control room, which will forward it to the jurisdictional police.
  • The audio-visual complaint will be converted into an FIR, and the complainant will receive an acknowledgement and updates on the investigation.
  • Set to be installed in Bengaluru, the kiosks seek to eliminate human intervention from the complaint-registration process and address complainants' concerns like embarrassment and confidentiality.
  • Police are launching the initiative following the success of a similar project by Bhubaneswar police.
  • Instant Complaint Logging Internet Kiosks (IClik), set up in the Odisha capital early this year, receive up to five complaints a day .
  • Commissioner of police M N Reddi said they are looking to improvise IClik for Bengaluru.
  • A private company has been asked to prepare a prototype of the machine and kiosk.
  • It will encourage people to come forward and lodge complaints and also avoid human errors in judgment that may lead to non-registration of complaints, they added.
  • Given the increase in crimes against women in the city, the kiosks are expected to provide victims direct and confidential access to the police force.