‘Emerging Economies Must Help Combat Climate Change’

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  • U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that while respecting the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, emerging economies such as India, China, South Africa and Brazil should take necessary action to combat climate change.
  • After visiting a canal-top solar power project, he said the developed countries had caused much more impact on climate than the developing nations and they had different capacities to tackle impacts.
  • India was taking necessary action by projects such as the canal-top power project, a creative and impressive one which all developing countries should emulate.
  • He said climate finance was the most important aspect to make combating climate change a success.
  • India could play a vital role as one of the fastest growing economies.
  • He was catalysing funds into the Green Climate Fund, which had topped $10 billion last year.
  • He was optimistic about arriving at a new, robust climate treaty in Paris.