Educated Women become Surrogate Moms for Money

  • When Ananya* was six months pregnant, her husband abandoned her.
  • Burdened by debt and a baby to care for, she came to Chennai in search of work after her son was born.
  • But earning Rs10,000 a month as the administrative staff of a private company was not sufficient to pay her loans.
  • So Ananya, a postgraduate in zoology , took a bold step,she rented her womb.
  • Ananya is among the handful of educated women who are now coming forward to become surrogate mothers.
  • It's no longer the illiterate and poor who opt to become surrogate mothers
  • A considerable number of educated women like Ananya are taking the step, for monetary reasons.
  • Ananya says:My ex-husband was unemployed,he sold all my gold and made me take a lot of loans while we were married, which I had to pay off even after he left me.
  • She spent hours reading about surrogacy on the net, contacted local hospitals and finally settled for GG Hospital as she felt comfortable with the doctors there.
  • After a thorough health checkup and counsel ling, Ananya underwent the medical procedure in October 2013.
  • On June 8, 2014, she delivered a healthy baby boy who was handed over to the biological parents.
  • With the Rs 4 lakh that she was paid, Ananya could manage debt.
  • * Name changed to protect identity