Eastern Ukraine Votes On Self-Rule

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  • The eastern Ukranian regions voted for self-rule in its referendum which reported a record turnout of over 70%.
  • Ukrainian govt dismissed it as farce and alleged it to be an information campaign by the govt. but footage showed voters queuing up at various polling stations despite the military shutting down various polling stations and confiscating ballot papers.
  • US denounced the referendum as illegal and expressed disappointment at Moscow’s inability to stall the referendum.
  • For the protesters, who have waited a long time to vote, the prospect of unity with Ukraine has grown increasingly distant after the govt’s bloody crackdown on the eastern Russian provinces.
  • The eastern province of Donetsk will now become Donetsk Republic and later will unite with other southeastern regions of Ukraine to form Novorossiya (New Russia).
  • The country’s richest person has called for the halt of military operations in the eastern provinces indicating a split within Ukraine’s elite.
  • Moldovan authorities have stopped Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister from leaving the country with a petition to recognize it as a separatist region. The Deputy PM had visited the province and offered support to separatists while criticizing the Moldovan govt for pursuing closer ties with Europe.
  • Read at: http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-international/ukraines-eastern-regions-vote-on-selfrule/article5999712.ece

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