E-Life Certificates to End Pensioners’ Woes

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  • The government on Monday launched an Aadhaar-based digital life certificate for pensioners, a move that could eventually benefit over one crore pensioners.
  • The proposed digital certification will do away with the requirement of a pensioner to submit a physical life certificate in November each year, in order to ensure the continuity of pension being credited into his or her account.
  • While the system is in its early stage, it is bound to ease life for pensioners once implemented.
  • The Department of Electronics and Information has developed a software application that will enable the recording of a pensioner's Aadhaar number and biometric details from his mobile device or computer, by plugging in a biometric reading device.
  • Key details of the pensioner, including date, time and biometric infor mation will be uploaded to a central database on real-time basis, ultimately enabling the pension disbursing agency to access a digital life certificate.This will conclusively establish that the pensioner was alive at the time of authentication.
  • The software application system will be made available to pensioners and other stakeholders on a large scale at no extra cost. It can be operated on a personal computer or a smartphone.This facility will also be made available at common service centres.
  • Aadhaar card to be must for passports
  • New Delhi: Prior police verification for issue of fresh passports may soon be a thing of the past, with the ministry of external affairs (MEA) proposing to rely on the Aadhaar card for identification of the applicant and on the National Crime Records Bureau's (NCRB) database for validation of hisher criminal antecedents.
  • With applicant's self-declaration on citizenship, criminal antecedents, criminal proceedings, summonswarrants etc also thrown in, the government may soon start issuing fresh passports on a post-verification basis. TNN