Diseases can now be Forecast

  • Scientists Develop Module To Help Prevent Disorders
  • Scientists at CSIR Fourth Paradigm Institute (CMMACS), Bangalore, who work on discoveries in various fields, are introducing a weather-forecast module soon.
  • This high-resolution module promises to predict diseases likely to come up in future, well in advance.
  • Recent advances in meteorological monitoring and weather forecasting, integrated with components like Geoghraphic Information Systems (GIS), have gone into the making of this forecasting module.
  • An interactive workshop under a project by UK-India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI): Integrating disease prediction with weather and climate models seamlessly (Indrass) was held to identify stakeholders can take this model to various outreach organizations.
  • Through very high-resolution techniques, we forecast weather a few months in advance.
  • P Goswami, chief scientist at CSIR CMMACS, Bengaluru, said: This, in turn, gives a clear indication of the diseases climatic changes can cause, so respective state governments can take preventive measures.
  • Irked by `reactive' healthcare, which is more of damage control, based on manifestation of symptoms, scientists through this module want to aid state governments in adopting preventive measures even before the onset of a disease.
  • This is the scientists' debut at such a powerful module.
  • Goswami said :In a proactive healthcare system, diseases are minimized before they are ultimately eliminated
  • Andy Morse, professor of climate impacts, University of Liverpool said :Many diseases depend on weather and environmental conditions, and these are the ones which will provide an opportunity for our module.