Disarmament of Nuclear States A Paradoxical Security?

  • In the midst of increased fear for global security resulting from the stockpiling of nuclear weapons of different countries, the decision of Marshall Islands to sue these countries and push them towards disarmament is more than welcome.
  • 189 countries are signatories to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty of 1968, the heart of which calls for all the countries to follow negotiations on cessation of nuclear weapons. But continued nuclear activity by nuclear-armed countries has forced other countries to follow the same route.
  • This has also led to Iran and North Korea asserting their right to pursue an independent nuclear regime, consequently leading to a global nuclear arms race, increase the chances of terrorists getting their hands on this and also the chance of nuclear accidents.
  • The UN should can stand guarantee in these disarmaments talks and push for the dismantling of nuclear stockpile of various countries and verify the same earnestly to augment trust between nations.
  • After the Hiroshima and Nagasaki incident, the dangers of wars are better appreciated by countries, and nuclear weapons have been for peace keeping. The prospects of war between US and Russia over Ukraine and China and US and Japan over territorial claims, is lesser since both possess nuclear weapons.
  • Contrary to the claims made by Marshal Islands, the count of active warheads in possession of nuclear states has reduced considerably from the numbers during Cold War. Countries have also employed restraint in using them in times of war.
  • Moreover, in the absence of, a world government and cooperation between states, each state will act in its own interests.
  • In a nuclear-free environment, nuclear autonomy countries like North Korea will gain an edge with its suspected indigenous ability to build uranium-based nuclear bombs independent of its imports. It has conducted 3 increasingly stronger tests since 2006.
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