Delhi May Share Intelligence in Fight Against IS

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  • Three options are projected to work out a campaing against Islamic States (IS) in Iraq and Syria during Mr.Modi’s meet with Mr.Barack Obama
  • Currently officials from New Delhi say the cooperation extends to exchanging notes on IS propaganda and is limited to information-sharing as per the ministry of External Affairs
  • Spokes person of External Affairs Mr.Syed said “a major issue of focus during the Obama-Modi meeting, we look forward to enhancing that cooperation”
  • The National Security Advisory Board adviser’s opined that we could extend moral support and it would be difficult to do more than that
  • India should rethink on the commitment because the US does not have a great record in fighting the IS themselves as per Brookings institute in Delhi
  • The options would be helping with ground intelligence by blocking IS efforts enlist Muslims in the two countries
  • Both Mr.Modi and Mr.Obama will announce the real time sharing of intelligence about the IS but this includes the fate of the 40 Indians Kidnapped in Mosul and the release of 49 Turkish hostages this week
  • Next would be Logistical support and at present, the U.S. would have little need for this, given that Iraq and neighbouring countries
  • The then Gulf War in 1991 the former Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar had come under much criticism for allowing U.S. bombers to refuel at Mumbai’s Sahar airport on their way into Iraq while India could support similarly
  • The next is that of any kind of Indian troop involvement on the ground, is ruled out by all concerned and the Iraqi government has made it clear they do not want foreign boots on the ground as per the Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi
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