Daily News Analysis (Hindu, Economic Times, Times of India : 19-01-2014)



DSC prize for South Asian literature goes to Cyrus Mistry

  • Cyrus Mistry, author-journalist from Mumbai has won DSC prize for South Asian literature for 2014, at the Jaipur Literature Festival (Diggi Palace). His book Chronicle of a Corpse Bearer won him the prize. The book throws light on the problems of lower castes of Zorastrian community.

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The DSC Prize for South Asian Literature is an award given every year to authors, who write on South Asia for an original full-length novel written in English or translated into English, delivered at Jaipur Literature Festival and should have been published in the previous year.

Survey to be held on Bangla border

  • India and Bangladesh have started a survey work in the Tripura border region. This is an effort to end a 5-decade dispute over a 66-acre river island in south Tripura.
  • Surveyors have started demarcating the land which had been a reason for clashes between the two border forces.
  • The reason for dispute was that the pillars were washed away in the flooding rivers. The tension had even affected the developmental activities in Belonia, Tripura. The border fences of Bangladesh also affect Indian paddy farmers in the region.


Syrian rebel forces agree to attend the meet at Geneva

  • The faction ridden Syrian rebel forces have finally agreed to attend the talks at Geneva. This came after the Syrian government offered to give concessions and stop bombardment in Aleppo.
  • The rebels had held a voting to decide on attending the talks. A majority of them voted for going to talks, which was opposed earlier by many in the group. However, Syria has already made it clear that it would attend the meet.

Tough anti-protest legislation passed in Ukraine

  • Inspite of protests from Western countries, Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovich has signed a very tough law to stop public protests in the country. This is similar to the law passed in Russia. Ukraine is moving towards Russia after it rejected an alliance with the European Union.
  • This move (rejecting alliance) had seen wide spread protests in the capital. Now, the President aims at forestalling, such protest in future by passing the law.
  • The government has sacked the supporters of the protest from their jobs (officials) and has passed a law which requires non-profit organisations receiving foreign grants to register as “foreign agents.” Some of these laws are similar to the ones passed in Russia. Ukraine has been duly rewarded with a $20-billion bailout package last month by Russia.

Iranian diplomat assassinated in Yemen

  • An Iranian diplomat died of gun shots in Yemeni capital Sana'a. The attack happened after he resisted a kidnap attempt. Iran has strongly condemned the attack.
  • The attack is a fallout of the fighting in northern Yemen between Sunni Islamists and Zaidi Shia rebels. The rebels are accused of taking help from Shia Iran. Even though a truce was struck between the two forces the enmity remains and Al-Qaeda (Sunni) has a very strong presence in Yemen.