Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Sri Lanka


Information About The Last CHOGM Summit In Colombo

The Common Heads of Government Meeting or CHOGM is held once in every two years. In this summit the commonwealth leaders discuss about the commonwealth and global issues and approve various communal policies and initiatives. The latest CHOGM session was held in Sri Lanka (Colombo), from 28th to 30th November 2013.

Tamil Nadu’s boycott decision

The Tamil Nadu assembly had passed a resolution preventing India to take part in the CHOGM. They desired that India should not send any delegation to take part in the conference because it was being held in Sri Lanka and wanted it to be boycotted. It was intended to do so, to respect the feelings of Tamils. Still, the external affairs minister Salman Khurshid led the Indian delegation to the CHOGM summit.

David Cameron in India

British PM David Cameron gave a brief visit to India before the CHOGM conference in Sri Lanka. He visited West Bengal and had a discussion with the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee about the -

  • Various trade and investment opportunities
  • Cleaning up of River Ganga project by WB Government

The PM gave his expert guidelines on river clean-up task based on their recent cleanup of River Thames.

Absence of Prime Ministers

The CHOGM conference held in Sri Lanka marked the nonattendance of Prime Minister from India and Canada. It was an obvious protest against the Sri Lankan Governments’ violation regarding human rights.

CHOGM conference details

Britain’s PM David Cameron visited the disappointed leaders and discussed with them about their approaching situations in private.

Cameron also gave a warning to Sri Lankan Government as well as set a deadline date - March 2014 to -

  • Address the human right violations among the Tamils in Sri Lanka
  • Implement the Lessons Learnt Reconciliation Commission (LLRC or commission of inquiry was set up soon after the Eelam IV war)

Importance of Commonwealth

Commonwealth is an organization that has supported democracy and freedom not only for its members but also across the world. It has proved to be a driving force that has brought positive changes.

Another advantage is that Commonwealth provides an opportunity for small nations to voice their opinions and views listened to on an international podium more efficiently than within the extensive formation of United Nations.

Commonwealth has been a very formidable platform for the post 2015 millennium goals agenda to promote worldwide development and help out to shape future world.