Combat Helmet With a Built-In AC

Combat Helmet With a Built-In AC
  • Scientists at the US army are working on revolutionary chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear respirators. This includes:
    • A protective helmet with a built in air-conditioning system in the form of a powdered air purifying system that has a hose connected to the face mask from a blower unit and a battery pack hanging off the back.
    • A mask filtration system with a built-in light, energy-saving fan that is more comfortable and effective. This system pulls air through a filtration system on the side of the mask and allows even flow across the face.
  • A modified, commercial version of the M50 joint service general purpose mask has proven to be more comfortable, with no reduced effectiveness even during crawling, running, rifle exercises and combat.
  • Researchers are also looking to develop a mask that is capable of monitoring physiological activity to switch it on and off.
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