China’s Visa Policy Casts a Shadow on Youth Exchange

  • China’s move to continuously issue stapled visas to people of Arunachal Pradesh casts its shadow on slated Indian youth delegation visit to China.
  • China claims in touch with Indian government over the matter,earlier it asked Indian delegation not to include people from Arunachal in the team
  • Exchange visit is expected to happen only after the Lok Sabha elections now, as per indicated by India’s ministry of external affairs
  • Exchange under India-China decision to observe year 2014 as ‘year of friendly exchanges
  • Bone of contention is over China’s claim over 90,000 sq km of land mass in Arunachal Pradesh, a part of India
  • China says stapled visa because Arunachal Pradesh is ‘disputed’.

Exams Perspective:

  1. Stapled Visa policy of China
  2. India China Bilateral Relations
  3. McMahon Line
  4. Year of Friendly Exchanges