China’s Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ)


China’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ)

Recently, China has setup an Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ), covering the East China Sea, the South China Sea, the Senkaku and the neighboring Islands. It is also said to be overlapping with the South Korean and the Japanese ADIZs.

What Is An ADIZ?

This is an area of international airspace, within which the countries monitor the aircrafts. It also refers to the airspace beyond the littoral country’s territorial airspace up to 12 nautical miles.

What Implications Does the Setting up of an ADIZ by China’s Have on Other Countries?

  • The aircrafts, which travel in this ADIZ, need to notify China about its air plans.
  • If they do not notify, the aircraft would be intercepted and brought down if needed.

John Kerry, the Secretary of State of the USA, describes it as an attempt to change the status quo in East China, and increasing tension.

How Did Other Countries Respond To The ADIZ Setup Of China?

  • The USA dispatched 2 B52 bombers, and it gave no intimation to the Chinese. However, it directed its commercial aircrafts to comply with the NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) issued by China.
  • Japan clearly said that it would not recognize China’s ADIZ. It also termed it as a provocative move by China.
  • South Korea expressed regret and concern, and it refused to comply with it. It also went a step ahead and extended its already existing ADIZ further.
  • Taiwan made 30 flights, and in turn, it also signaled that it will not comply with China’s ADIZ.

China’s Response to the Reaction of These 4 Countries

  • It scrambled fighter jets to identify and tail the US aircrafts.
  • It was particularly vocal and aggressive with respect to Japan and asked them whether they consulted China while setting up their ADIZ in 1969. Besides, it also said that Japan should first dismantle its ADIZ, and then it will do so after 44 years. It also said that Japan has no moral authority to question their ADIZ, considering that it had already setup its own way back in 1969.

ADIZ is not a new concept, and it has been there since a long period of time. The countries like Canada, the USA, India, Japan, and South Korea have large airspaces covered in their ADIZs. India is said to have 6 ADIZ zones.

What Could China Have Done, For A Better Acceptance To Its ADIZ By Their Neighbors?

  • It could have taken its neighbors onboard to have consultation on regular basis and informing them about its preparations for setting up an ADIZ.
  •  It also needs to stop “bullying” its neighbors with aggression, especially in the light of the fact that it has disputes with 10 of its neighbors.

Now, it is not only that China could have done it in a better way. Instead, considering the history, the Japanese and the USA need to come forward and settle the SenkakuIsland’s issue giving great regards to the history and cultural background.

It is said that in the Meiji Era documents of the Japanese, SinkakuIsland belonged to the estuary Chinese kingdom. After the World War, it was annexed from China. Hence, China has been very aggressive and trying to get back SinkakuIsland. However, Japan has been holding to it. Thanks to the US support!