Childhood TB: Symptom-Based Contact Screening Safe, Reliable

WHO Says That 33% of New TB Patients Don't Have Access To Care
  • WHO issues fresh, revised guidelines for dealing with TB among children under National TB Programmes or NTPs.
  • Xpert MTB/RIF as initial diagnostic test for children suspected of having Multi Drug Resistant TB (MDR-TB) or HIV-associated TB suggested.
  • “Xpert does better than smear microscopy but not good in children with culture negative, in India use of new diagnostic test slowly picking up
  • India has 38 Xpert machines in 30 locations till Nov 2013, recently pilot project started using Xpert for missed children in Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad.
  • WHO “strongly recommends” a single dose of isoniazid daily for six months as preventive measure, brings down chances of getting TB disease during childhood
  • WHO suggested IPT implementation not at optimum level in India, bi-monthly follow up till completion of treatment suggested under new WHO guideline

Exams Perspective:

  1. National TB Programme
  2. WHO
  3. Multi Drug Resistant TB (MDR-TB)
  4. HIV