BS-IV Auto Fuels To Reach More Cities

BS-IV Auto Fuels To Reach More Cities
  • Extending the Auto Fuel Policy 2003 recommendations, the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas will launch Bharat Stage-IV petrol and diesel in 24 more cities by March next.
  • It was first launched in 7 cities in 2011-12, the criteria for which were most polluted cities, State capitals and cities populated by over a million people.
  • Problems faced:
    • Delays due to uninterrupted availability of higher grade fuels.
    • Poor Logistics.
    • A marginal load on the retail price due to upgradation to BS-IV from BS-III.
    • Over 10 yrs, about Rs. 32,000 crore was invested in upgrading the refineries, but the returns obtained were not substantial.
    • No clarity on reimbursements.
  • Shares in the first 9 months of last fiscal:
    • BS-IV petrol – 24%
    • Diesel – 17%
    • Total petrol consumption – 17.12 million tones
    • Diesel – 68.36 million tones
  • Expert committee headed by Planning Commission member Saumitra Chaudhuri will soon submit its report of the Auto Fuel Vision and Policy 2025.
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  1. What is BS-IV?