Brand India Ranks 31st, US Loses Top Slot to Germany

  • Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.
  • By that token, India still has a long way to go in terms of international image in which manufacturing prowessplays only a small role.
  • An annual nation branding survey by research firm Anholt-GfK, which measures the reputation of countries, ranks India at 31st among 50 countries, with Germany overtaking the US for top spot in 2014.
  • The study measures global perceptions, based on 23 different attributes that make up six overall dimensions on which national image is based: exports, governance, culture, people, tourism and immigration or investment.
  • China ranks 12th in exports even though it is a low-cost manufacturing superpower; India is 26th.
  • Xiaoyan Zhao, senior vice-president and director of Nation i Branding Index at GfK, said:China ranks very low in terms of exports; the goodwill garnered with culture, where it ranks a high 8th, has not caught up.
  • India, at 23rd, also ranks higher with respect to its culture than its overall 31st ranking. 
  • Cultural metric includes heritage, tourist landmarks etc. Where both China and India lose out is in terms of governance, where  they stand 46th and 42nd, respectively , with India faring marginally better than China.
  • But India's overall 31st rating ­­ between Czech Republic at 30 and Turkey at 32­­ is the worst among BRICS nations.
  • Whatever the reality is, the top ten nation brands are all OECD countries, with the US ceding ground to Germany for the first time since the survey began in 2009. 
  • Germany benefited not only from the sports prowess at the FIFA World Cup, but also by solidifying its leadership in Europe through a robust economy and political stewardship.
  • Germany's score gains in the areas of `honest and competent government', `investment climate', and `social equality' are among the largest it achieved across all the aspects covered by the NBI 2014 survey .
  • The US, however, has shown the least impressive NBI gain among developed nations. 
  • While it is still No. 1 in several areas, including creativity , contemporary culture, and educational institutions, its role in global peace and security only ranks 19th out of 50 nations.
  • In a year of international confrontations, US lost ground where tension was felt most acutely . 
  • Both Russia and Egypt have downgraded the US in an unprecedented way , particularly in their perception of US commitment to global peace and security , and in their assessment of the competence of the US government.