Bloodhound Super Sonic to have a Tata Steel body

  • The world’s fastest land transport vehicle, the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car, will boast of grand Indian DNA from the Tata stable.
  • The sleek beast, measuring 14m and being designed to touch 1,600 kmph, will be clothed in Tata Steel.
  • The Bloodhound : part Formula 1, part fighter jet and part space rocket — will have its cockpit made by Jaguar.
  • Royal Air Force’s Wing Commander Andy D Green, who holds the current world land speed record of 1,227 kmph and is aiming to break it piloting the Bloodhound,
  • Andy D Green: The Indian contribution is at the centre of this project, and we’re grateful we’ve got such world-class products coming from here. It wouldn’t have been possible without this.
  • Besides the steel, Jaguar, originally a British brand, is now controlled by the Tatas.
  • Green said:We’re getting technical advice on sound-proofing and fire-proofing the cockpit.
  • The overall project cost is pegged at $50m, of which $25m has already been spent, and the remaining will be invested in the next two years, with $10m more required to finish the car.
  • The remaining investment goes into preparing the track in a South African desert.
  • About 300 people have been working on the desert for four years to clear the surface, measuring 20 million sqm.
  • It’s going to be one of the best tracks, and we need such fool-proof tarmac to hit the speeds we’re talking about.
  • While speed has always excited Green, he says it’s technology that’s more fascinating.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or an old man, when you talk of making a car that can do these speeds, people want to know how it’s done.
  • Once they learn that Bloodhound is part Formula 1, part fighter jet and part space rocket, it gets even more fascinating.
  • In Bengaluru on the invitation of the Institution of Engineering Technology to deliver the Lord Austin Prestige lecture, Green said: I am not part of the Bloodhound project only for my passion for speed.
  • The aim of the project is to bring cutting-edge engineering technology out in the open.
  • The F1 fraternity, or the military or space technology is not something people share openly, but we’ve made public all the drawings of the car two years before running it.
  • The aim is to encourage people to take up science and engineering.
  • Stating that Indian students have a lot of opportunity, he said: Several UK universities are part of our project, which should inspire students across the globe, especially India.