Bangalore Third in E-Waste Generation in Country

India Facing Humongous Accumulation of E-waste
  • Bangalore accounts for approximately 57,000 metric tonnes (MT) of electronic waste per year, third highest city to produce e-waste in India.
  • In India 12.5 Lakh MT of e-waste is generated every year,Mumbai-96,000 MT, Delhi-NCR- 67,000 MT, Banglaore-57,000 MT, as per ASSOCHAM
  • 4.5 Lakh (10-14 years) children involved in hazardous recycling works, report released on World Earth Day says, seeks laws to stop it.
  • India projected to generate 15 Lakh MT per year by 2015,joint study by ASSOCHAM and Frost & Sullivan maintains.

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