Artificial Blood will be Tested in Humans by Scientists

Stem Cells Can Help To Reconstruct People's Faces
  • Artificial red blood cells produced from human stem cells to be tested by researchers in United Kingdom by 2016
  • Likely result in mass production of human blood, replacing traditional dependence on blood donations for patients
  • 5 million pound artificial red blood cell project is being led by Marc Turner at Edinburgh University
  • Initial trial of artificial blood to be on 3 thalassaemia patients
  • Artificial blood unlikely to put an end to blood donations for next 20 years when it will have finally been accepted by all and sundry
  • Blood to be created by culturing iPS cells under biochemical conditions as it happens inside human body
  • Blood to be created out of universal O- blood type, that can be injected into all patients.

Exams Perspective:

  1. Artificial Red Blood Cells
  2. RBC
  3. Thalassaemia
  4. Blood Grouping