Army Chief Imposes Martial Law In Thailand

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  • Thailand’s Army Chief General Prayut Chan-O-Cha invoked a legislation that confers to the armed forces powers to act in an emergency, and imposed martial law in the country.
  • This was in the wake of escalating political turmoil following the ousting of Thai’s ex-prime minister, and the subsequent attempts of the opposition to bring to power an unelected regime.
  • Martial law gives the army a free reign to ban public gatherings, restrict people’s movements, impose curfew and carry out searches. Armed personnel have been stationed in the capital and at various broadcast stations in the wake of censorship orders.
  • The caretaker govt is still in the office and various parties have been invited to resolve the issue peacefully.
  • Red Shirts, supporters of the ousted PM have refused to stay away from the streets and are threatening a civil war if an unelected regime comes to power. They are also demanding reforms and appointment of a new premier.
  • Several groups are viewing this as a coup and fear it could affect freedom of expression. US said that marital law should only be a temporary alternative.
  • The absence of a fully functional govt in Thailand has adversely affected the economy.
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