App To Track Child’s Homework

Amnesty Launches app for Activists in Danger
  • Link, a latest smartphone app helps parents keep a tab on their child’s school activities and bridge the communication gap between the school authorities and the parents.
  • Features of the app:
    • Keeps updating the status of the child’s performance, assignment submissions and homeworks.
    • An inbuilt calendar serves as a reminder for the parents on matters such as the days that the child is required to carry geometry box, or craft materials to the school.
    • GPS connected to the school buses give a real time location of the child.
    • The school need not maintain manual records of marks and attendance or even send printed circulars often.
    • It can also be used to invite the ward’s friends to his/her birthday party by the parents.
  • While many schools have already enrolled for the app, others believe that constant surveillance on the ward’s location and activity would lead to panic parenting and curb the ward’s mental space and freedom.
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