Another Referendum On The Cards

Ukraine's Pro-Russia Protesters Demand Greater Autonomy
  • Even with Ukraine continuing its crackdown against protesters, “Donetsk People’s Republic” has approved a referendum with the question: “Do you support the declaration of state sovereignty by the Donetsk People’s Republic?” and has started its printing.
  • The wording doesn’t necessarily suggest a breakup with Ukraine and Russia is unwilling to absorb eastern Ukraine and has called for granting Ukraine’s Russian-speaking regions enough autonomy to veto Kiev’s likely decision to join the European Union (EU) and NATO.
  • Donetsk, which has been the flashpoint of protests, is the industrial heartland and has carried out protests in a peaceful manner unlike its neighbouring city of Sloviansk. The latter paraded alleged observers who they are now planning to exchange for activists arrested by Kiev authorities.
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Exams Perspective:

  1. Geneva Agreement on Ukraine Reforms
  2. Ukraine crisis
  3. NATO
  4. EU