Amicus Curiae seeks audit of temple wealth

Mukesh Ambani–backed SEZ owes govt. agency Rs.237 cr.: CAG
  • Amicus Curiae alleges mismanagement of Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple wealth, seeks audit of same by Ex- CAG of India Vinod Rai.
  • Amicus Curiae report seeks SC directive to temple trustee and family members to keep away from daily management of temple works
  • Audit of temple, allied institutions’ management in last 25 years, Rai to take possession of and seal trust properties’ papers suggested
  • Kallara ‘B’ opened in past to take photos of jewelleries by royal family, done to sell them to prospective buyers, not for safety, alleged
  • Planned extraction of gold by persons at highest level, doubt raised by gold plating machines around, State against probing this, alleged.

Exams Perspective:

  1. Amicus Curiae
  2. CAGI
  3. Types of Audit
  4. Supreme Court (SC)