6,000 OBCs to Embrace Buddhism

  • An estimated 6,000 OBCs (1,600 families) in Maharashtra have registered themselves with an organisation engaged in a campaign for ghar vapsi for ‘Buddhists’ who were converted recently.
  • As the right-wing Hindu organisations give an aggressive push to their ghar vapsi agenda in a bid to form a ‘Hindurashtra’ by converting Muslims and Christians to Hinduism, an intense campaign by OBC organisations is on in the State to bring back people into the Buddhist fold.
  • Satyashodhak OBC Parishad activist Hanumant Upare, whose organisation aims to conduct mass conversion of five lakh OBCs into Buddhism in October 2016 said: When we tried to find out our roots, it became clear that we are ‘ nagvanshi ’. It proves that the OBCs were originally Buddhists.
  • The Parishad embarked on its ‘Original Buddhist Cadre’ mission to reach out to OBCs in 2011.
  • The organisers have been making personal visits to homes of those desirous of returning to Buddhism besides holding small rallies, group discussions and conclaves.
  • In 2015, the activists are planning to reach out to every tehsil of the State with their message and a State-wide conference will also be called to push the agenda.
  • Till date, around 6,000 individuals have registered to join Buddhism and number is likely to rise as the campaign intensifies.
  • Mr. Upare said : The OBCs were cheated by upper caste Hindus in the past
  • Mr. Upare added :Despite agreeing to conduct a separate census of OBCs, it was not carried out in 2010,that is the reason all the OBCs, who constitute 52% according to the Mandal commission, feel cheated.
  • Mr. Upare also opined:We were forced into Hinduism in the 19th century, but the caste system always considered us asshudras .