Ukrainian Forces Opting For An Attrition Strategy

eastern Ukraine
  • Ukrainian forces have surrounded those cities of its eastern provinces that are under the control of the rebels, opting for attrition as the rebels appear increasingly incapable of fending off the attacks.
  • Although a huge number voted of people for independence in the referendum, volunteers were turning up in few numbers to protect their territory. Continuous clashes between the military and rebels have injured civilians and destroyed property.
  • The eastern provinces were pinning their hopes on annexation of their territory by Russia. Ever since Russia has made it clear that it has no plans of annexation, frustration among the rebels and their supporters has increased.
  • Russia was only aiming at federalizing Ukraine, but it undermined its affects of re-absorption of Crimea.
  • The Presidential elections to be held soon will test the rebels hold on the regions that have proclaimed independence.
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