Now, Convert Light into Matter

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  • Scientists at London’s Imperial College have devised a revolutionary technique to convert light into matter by means of a photon-photon collider, in a novel high-energy experiment.
  • This would recreate a process that was significant in the first 100 seconds of the Universe formation and also explain better the interaction between light and matter.
  • 80 yrs ago, Breit and Wheeler had proposed that it should be possible to convert light into matter by colliding only two photons (particles of light).
  • This theory was accepted by other scientists, but even the theorists themselves never expected the physical demonstration of the same to be possible as it would require massive high-energy particles.
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Exams Perspective:

  1. Photon
  2. Photon-Photon collider
  3. Electron
  4. Positron
  5. Neutron