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National Current Affairs

Assam Celebrates Rongali Bihu

  • Rongali Bihu marks the agricultural New Year and is celebrated as a festival of Prosperity.
  • In this festival People in different parts of states took their cattle to the ponds and rivers where they gave a formal bath and rubbed their bodies with ‘dighalati pat’ (the leaf of a plant having medicinal value) which take away the flies and insects.
  • On the Second day people put on new clothes and sing and dance that is called Manhu Bihu.“Bihuwan” known as traditional Assamese towel is exchanged as a mark of respect.

Punjab CM bans names of Minister MLAs on inaugural stones

  • Punjab CM announced the prohibition of the names of any Ministers, MLAs on the foundation stone.
  • This was done because cabinet minister Sadhu Singh Dharmasot threatened a school principal to suspending him from school in finding his name was third on the inaugural stone as minister wanted his name on the top of the inaugural stone.

ASCI releases guidelines for celebrities in Advertising

  • As per the guidelines Celebrities who endorse for the advertisements should take care of that the advertisements should not be misleading and deceptive.
  • It is the responsibility of the advertiser and advertising agency to make sure that celebrities are aware about the ASCI guidelines.
  • Celebrities should not endorse those advertisements which by law require a Health warning.
  • ASCI have barred celebrities to endorse products that are prohibited under The Drugs and Magic remedies Act and the drug and Cosmetic Act.

Bhopal to have India’s first privately run Railway station

  • Habibganj station in Bhopal has been handed over to Private firm to be operated by it.
  • The station building will be developed in line with airport terminals but trains at the station will be run by the Railways.
  • During 2016-2017 Rs 10,181 crore was earned by Indian railways which Indian railway want to increase to Rs 14000 crore to this fiscal year.

BRICS special envoys on Middle-East meet held in Vishakhapatnam

  • A two-day meeting of BRICS special envoys on Middle-East was held in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
  • Envoys expressed concern over unabated terrorism, ISIS and role of technology, and luring of innocent youth through Twitter, Facebook and other micro-blogging sites.
  • Status of implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions to check terrorism was also discussed.

Maharashtra to stage special drive for transgenders to register as voters for the first time

  • Maharashtra has become the first state to launch a special awareness drive to ensure that transgenders in the state register as voters in larger numbers.
  • Maharashtra is home to more than 10 lakh third genders. As per ECI data only 1700 are registered voters.

Business & Economy

MOU Signed Between NSFDC Development Commissioner Handloom

  • The main objective of signing this MOU is to help and promote production and marketing of high value quality Handlooms products among Scheduled class weavers.
  • Handloom sector is the second largest activity after agriculture and it is a part of Textile Industry.
  • There are around 44 lakh Handlooms weavers in the country and out of which 3.90 lakhs are Schedule caste weavers.
  • Under this MOU the parties will popularize the schemes through advertising and create awareness among people.
  • Both the parties will also organize skill development programs for Schedule caste weavers so that schedule caste weavers will get support and they can enhance their skills.

Indian Academy Of Highway engineers signs MoU with university of New South Wales

  • The agreement is signed to bring the innovation in the transportation sector.
  • It seeks to start up a Centre of Excellence in Smart Transportation in India.
  • The objective of this MoU is to bring a new transportation technology and explore market opportunities for India and Australia.
  • It will include research, development and training in the areas of transport system.
  • It is to be the World’s first transportation center which brings innovation in technology for economic development.

People in News

Computer pioneer Robert W. Taylor dies at 85

  • Robert Taylor was a project manager for National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).
  • In 1966, when Taylor worked for the Pentagon, he oversaw the creation of ARPANET– (single computer communications network).

Italian Emma Morano last known survivor of 19th Century dies

  • Emma Morano who is an Italian woman and the last survivor of the 19th Century died at the age of 117.
  • She lived through 2 world wars, the Great depression, 10 pontiffs, and 90 separate Italian governments.

Former Bihar minister Narsingh Baitha passed away

  • Former Bihar Minister Narsingh Baitha died in Patna after prolonged illness.
  • Baitha was elected MLA for three times from Bagha reserved seat since 1962.
  • Later, he represented Sikarpur reserved seat in West Champaran in the state Legislative Assembly in 1985.
  • He was minister in Congress government headed by Daroga Prasad Rai and Jagannath Mishra. 
  • Baitha was also a member of SC & ST Commission.


Indian Engineer Tirupati Jain Wins ‘Cartier Women’s Initiative Award’

  • Tirupati has given this award for providing innovative solutions of water management to the women those working on farms and small farmers against drought and flash floods.
  • She is the winner from a pool of 1900 applicants and from over 120 countries.
  • Her Gujarat based company has implemented 232 systems in India which benefitted 18000 small farmers and 100000 of the rural poor people.

Hanchinal receives 6th M.S. Swaminathan Award

  • The 6th edition of S. Swaminathan Award for honoring outstanding contribution in the field of agriculture has been given to Rayappa Ramappa Hanchinal – Chairperson of Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Rights Authority.
  • This award has been given to Dr. Hanchinal for his contributions and continuous efforts in areas of seed production technology, crop improvement for hot and very hot dry environments and intellectual protection rights in plant varieties.

Science & Technology

US conducts successful field test of new B61-12 nuclear bomb

  • The National Nuclear security Administration (NNSA) and US Air force have conducted a test of a modification of the B61 atomic bomb.
  • It was conducted to extend the B61’s operational life by upgrading its nuclear and non- nuclear components and to improve the reliability of its security systems.

NASA finds evidence of Hydothermal Vents on Saturn’s moon Enceladus

  • NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has detected gases on Enceladus and some earth- based bacteria are founded.
  • It also found that the level of gases like carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane were imbalance which provide an energy source to organisms.
  • The tidal forces of Saturn appear to generate so much heat that it can melt the ice easily.
  • It is also found from study that there is a pool of water near the south pole of Enceladus to generate the plumes. A global ocean also lies beneath the moon’s ice.

Google launches Areo, a food delivery and home services app for India

  • Google has launched a new food delivery and home services App called Areo for the Indian market.
  • It allows user to order food or scheduled appointments with a local beautician, plumber, and painter, cleaner.
  • It is currently operated in Bangalore and Mumbai.
  • Google has signed up with local partners like Urban Clap for home services and Faasos, box8 and Freshmenu for food services.

Sports Current Affairs

Sai Praneeth Wins Singapore Open badminton

  • Sai Praneeth has won the Men’s Single at Singapore Open Badminton championship.
  • Sai Praneeth is the first Indian to won a Super series title after defeating K Srikanth in Singapore.